cavity is a work-in-progress series of comics and animations about a group of friends, set in the fictional town of milkweed, california.

central to this story is a young person and their desperate, frantic attempts to save face exacerbated by the sudden onset of a mysterious sickness. in the midst of this struggle, and as a normalcy that may not have ever existed fades away, life carries on.

even in the wake of the end, repercussions continue to echo through a permanently altered world.

this site is best viewed on a pc - performance and visuals might be compromised on any other device. zooming in and out might also be required for optimization. you might also need to turn sound on through your browser settings to hear music or mute your browser if you would rather not!


hello, my name is arlo! welcome to my site!

i'm still working on it as you can probably tell by now. i started work in november of last year but accidentally deleted most of my progress in march of this year so it was back to square one ^_^' any ways a lot of this is subject to change as i continue to work, so expect the finished product to look fairly different!

i made this site to experiment with website design; for archival purposes and my own enjoyment; and to share my story, characters, and art with more people.

cavity is a primarily psychological/body horror story that will be told over the course of 3 volumes, or acts, through a variety of different perspectives. this is a project i've been working on for around 3 years that means a lot to me and even though i do not yet have a good idea of a timeframe for when i will start publishing, i hope it can mean a lot to others in time!

i expect to have the finished site up sometime around q4 2023, i hope you will be interested in keeping an eye out! :o)